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Victorian Handmade Creations

The company formerly known as Bunny-Did-It™ is out of business. Thanks for your interest!


Out of business...but it was fun!
Bunny-Did-It Victorian Handmade Creations

Former Bunny-Did-It Creations
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Bridal Hankie Keepsakes

Handcrafted Victorian BunniesWhy hide it away when she can enjoy it every day? Preserve her bridal hankie as a beautiful keepsake bride doll.
Using a few small stitches, a couple of knots, AND NO CUTTING, her hankie will become a cherished bridal remembrance.

Button Bunnies

HeirloomOur Button Bunnies are 7" tall and are reproductions of a doll found in an antique store. They are a traditional knot doll made of unbleached muslin and are held together by a single button. One of our favorites, they are cute as a ... well ... Button!

Hankie People

Memory BoxOur wistful hankie people are made from vintage handkerchiefs: angels, fairies, dancers, kings, queens, princes, princesses, jesters, clowns, ... any figure that strikes your fancy! Can be displayed in a Bell Jar or on your Christmas tree as an ornament.


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